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Fabricali, an idea established in 2001 by individuals with an ambition to express themselves by providing California with a unique identity in the form of apparel. In the rapidly moving world of fashion were the styles and trends change on a daily basis. Our designs reflect an aspect untouched by any other manufacturer by making diverse products, a philosophy that we have made one of our mottoes, "Clothing as diverse as California's population." What this means is that we aim to design products for all types of people from all different walks of life. When we started in Oceanside California our goal was to gain the support of our town. We produced a few designs and had some mild success. It wasn't until 2003 when we partnered up with Dj Fingaz that there was some direction in focus. With Fingaz knowledge of business and sense of the marketplace coupled with James Young's visions and designs, Fabricali has been able to cross into being an official branded clothing line. We are genuinely The Fabric of California and our products reflect the different diverse lifestyles that everyone in the world today tries to emulate.