The History

The West Coast has a rich history dating back to the gold rush of 1849 and has produced some of the most innovative fashion pioneers such as Levi Strauss and Paul Van Doren. Since becoming the Thirty-first state millions of people from across the globe now call the Golden State their home. In 2001 emerged an apparel company coined Fabricali whose interest was carrying on the innovative spirit of these pioneer designers. This new label introduced garments meant to outfit the variety of personalities that exists in California and gave the state an identity in today's fashion industry. Expanding rapidly, Fabricali once was thought to only be for the Californians but much to the surprise of everyone has gained acceptance worldwide from Taiwan to Switzerland not only as a clothing line but as a movement that promotes diversity and individualism. Still after over 20 years in the game our mission remains the same, keep Further Boundaries of California Apparel -FBCA x fabricali